Large Size Solid Wood Russian Roulette

Large Size Solid Wood Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette Solid Wood Gambling Roulette, Large Size and Multiple Colors, Casino Special Solid Wood Roulette


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This is a solid wood roulette for casinos, it comes in three different colors and four different sizes, you can pick and buy according to your preference.

Its diameter is between 45-51. The large size design can give players a better gaming experience, give players more space, and let each player have their own position. And it is still very textured. A roulette with a diameter of 45cm weighs about 8kg. The larger the diameter, the heavier the weight.

According to legend, roulette originated in Russia in the nineteenth century, where prison guards forced prisoners to play as a gamble.

However, there is another theory: it is said that the game can be traced back to the Crimea Peninsula, but its real popularity was not until World War I. At that time, Tsarist Russian officers and soldiers who had lost battles during the day drank their sorrows at night, so “Russian Roulette” became the best “fun show”. Although people have been killed tragically by guns, this thrilling game has become more and more popular in Russia, until it has won the “famous name” of “Russian Roulette”.

Today, this brutal game has been transformed into a casino game for entertainment. But even if it becomes a game, it has developed differently according to different regions, and has evolved into American roulette and British roulette respectively.

The standard American roulette is a relatively common type of roulette. There are numbers from 1-36 on this roulette. Half of these numbers are red and half are black, and the remaining 0 and 00 are green. The point of these two zeros is to turn a break-even bet into a house edge.

So, if you want to play roulette, and you want better odds of winning, then you want to go for single zero roulette.



•Suitable for many occasions

•Environmental protection and durable

Name Blackjack Roulette
Material solid wood
Color 4 color
Size 45*45*10cm
Weight 8000g/pcs
MOQ 3pcs


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