Factory Tour

Shenzhen JiaYi Entertainment Products Co., Ltd. has 9 years of experience in the production of entertainment products. Poker chips are our core product. With a variety of molds, we have the industry's advanced level in production and customization. It can be said that our production scale and product quality are among the best in China. The thermal transfer technology of ceramic chips, few factories in China and even the world have this technology. This technique applies chips to multiple fields. As long as any pattern provides a clear design, we can restore it to the chips to achieve a very realistic effect. Moreover, the MOQ of ceramic chips is very low, which can meet the needs of most customers.
Our daily production capacity is over 300,000. Some of the machines produce daily spot products, so that the goods can be continuously delivered and shipped on time. Another part of the machine is used for personalized production. Once the customized order or OEM&ODM order is produced, we will start production at the fastest speed. If necessary, we will extend the working time of the machine to meet the customer's delivery time.

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