Wooden Multipurpose Board Game

Wooden Multipurpose Board Game

Multifunctional educational toy chessboard five-in-one chessboard family leisure and entertainment chess piece set


Market Price:$25

Product Origin:China

Color:one color

Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:5

Product Weight:1200

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a chess set made of wood and plastic. It is multi-functional, one board contains multiple board games, allowing you to buy one board and enjoy the other four board games at the same time.

Its size is 31*25*4cm. When it leaves the factory, it will be shipped as a wooden box. The remaining four chessboards will be packed additionally and shipped with the box. The pieces of each board game will be stored in the wooden chessboard. in the box. On the top of the chessboard box, there are grooves on three sides. This design allows you to choose the chessboard you want to replace, and you can play chess on the replaced chessboard.

It contains a total of five kinds of chess, they are traditional checkers, snake chess, flight chess, beast chess and marine chess. You only need to buy this one, you can have these five kinds of chess at the same time. Each type of chessboard will be equipped with its corresponding chess pieces in the chessboard box, so there are several styles of chess pieces in the box. This multifunctional chess can be used in your free time, as a tool for entertainment, and as an educational tool for children.

Because there are many benefits of playing chess, it not only needs to mobilize thinking and attention, but also puts the brain in a state of tension, so the consumption of physical strength and nutrients of playing chess is no less than that of sports. Moreover, it can also cultivate children’s concentration and activate children’s thinking, which is more conducive to children’s overall development.

Therefore, such an educational toy that has multiple usages and is also suitable for any age group. So it is very worth buying. I believe that if you buy it, you can have more fun, and you can promote the relationship with your family or friends through games.


Suitable for many occasions

Environmental protection and durable



Chip Specification:

Name chess
Material wood+plastic
Color One color
Size 31*25*4cm
Weight 1200
MOQ 5pcs

2 3 4 5 8 a2

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