Casino Gaming Roulette Wheels with Single zero

Casino Gaming Roulette Wheels with Single zero

High Quality 10 Inch Roulette Professional Casino Poker Chip Set, Roulette Game Board Bingo Fun Party


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Product Weight:700g

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This roulette wheel is made of high quality plastic material and is a standard single zero European roulette wheel.

Its set includes a ten-inch roulette wheel, a roulette-specific tablecloth, sixty chips and a chip rack for placing chips, a chip collector and two roulette-specific beads.

The numbers inside the roulette include three colors, 1-36 are made of black and red interspersed according to special rules, and there is a green zero to separate different parts.

Roulette is a relatively simple game that even children and the elderly can quickly learn and join in the fun.

Its gameplay is simple. Before the start, the chips are distributed to all players as bets, and then the players can bet. After the bets are over, they can spin the roulette wheel and wait for the result. The person who wins the bet wins the bet, and if none of the bets win, the dealer wins.

The roulette game is also very fast. The time for a round is about a few seconds to two minutes, and there is no need for steps such as shuffling the cards. It is a game that can be played quickly and is very easy.

The most famous Russian roulette originated in Russia in the nineteenth century. In the beginning, it was a cruel game that the prison guards forced the prisoners to play. Several prisoners acted as players. The prison guard put a bullet in the revolver. After spinning the wheel, the prisoner shot himself in the head one at a time. The one who persisted till the end was the winner. The prison guards, as bystanders, bet on the lives of the prisoners who were forced to participate in the game. Later, this tense and exciting game became more and more popular in Russia, and it was later called Russian Roulette.





•Suitable for many occasions

•Surface texture is delicate

•Environmental protection and durable

Name Gaming Roulette
Material plastic
Color 1color 
Size 42.5*6*36.5
Weight 700g/pcs
MOQ 10pcs/Lot


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We also support customize poker chip , but the price will be more expensive than normal poker chips.

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