Russian Blackjack Game Turntable

Russian Blackjack Game Turntable


Product Origin:China

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Product Weight:1500g

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This Russian wine roulette is an entertainment prop that can be used in homes, bars or KTV. Its size is 31*31*7cm, and its weight is about 1500 grams. It is very portable and easy to use and carry.

It is composed of 16 glass wine glasses, a plastic turntable and two steel balls. When packaging, each cup will be installed in its corresponding position, and the entire turntable will be packaged with heat shrinkable film to prevent the wine glasses inside from breaking after being collided during long-term transportation. Then put the packaged ones into the anti-collision foam, and finally pack them and start mailing.

Its use method is also very simple, just turn the turntable and throw steel balls in the middle of the turntable. When the turntable stops, the position where the steel ball stops is the corresponding place where you need to drink. This is a game that depends on luck. Of course, in addition to this, it has other ways to play, and you can also use the rule that you don’t need to drink when you choose an odd or even number.

You can also pour different amounts of wine on each cup of the game roulette, divide the players into two groups of black and red, and each party sends a representative to rotate the steel ball. The rotation direction and number given by the opponent will be centered on that point, drink that glass of wine, and then you can continue to the next round of the game.

It can also be used as a punishment game, filling the wine glass with various condiments, such as lemon juice, soy sauce, vinegar, etc., and putting instructions in it for the drawn player to execute it.It’s going to be fun, and it’s going to make the atmosphere lively.

These are just a few ways to play, you can create more new ways to play with your friends.






•Suitable for many occasions

•Environmental protection and durable

Name Blackjack Roulette
Material Plastic+Glass
Color 2 color
Size 31*7*31cm
Weight 1500g/pcs
MOQ 10pcs


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