Are you factory? Can you accept OEM/ODM business?

Yes, we are factory. We accept custom order according to customer’s requirements.

I have our own design for logo. Can you produce them?

Yes, logos can be printed / carved, please send us the logo to check in advance.

How about the payment?

Usually 30% deposit and 70% payment before shipment. Big order we can negotiate, please contact us.

What's your sample policy?

For poker chips we can send you several pieces of our existing chip styles free of charge, you only need to cover the sample shipping cost.

What's your lead time?

For stock products, it is about 3-5 working days, for mass production, it is around 15working days per order.

Do you offer templates to do designing work? What kind of formats do you accept?

Yes, we do offer templates to do designing work.
We accept Adobe illustrator, CDR, PDF etc .vector graphic files to print.

Q & A

Is the center a sticker or actually printed on the chips?

It is printed. No sticker

Are the center's a sticker or inlay?

I believe it’s an inlay or a very very well put sticker

Can I set my own price on the chips?

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately, we do not offer customization for the poker chip sets. However, you could find the chips you need that are not included in the individual chips section to make great addition to your game.
They have numbers on the chips
They are pre-labeled.

Why do the colors say red, blue, gold white and show pink and purple?

For chips sets without denomination, there are red, blue, gold, and white chips. Chips are separated by colors. For chips sets with denomination, there are more colors, and we separate them by values instead of colors, which is why you will see more colors on the picture.

Not sure, I asked myself the same question. But the colors you see in the picture are the colors you get.

Are the values shown on both sides of the poker chip on the numbered chips set?

Hi there, yes, values are shown on both sides of the chips.

Yes, there are numbers on both sides of the chip. Great quality we loved it

What are the numbered values in these chips. how come i can’t see how it looks with numbers. not cool. how am i suppose to buy it if i can’t see it

3 rows of $1, 3 rows of $5, 2 rows of $25, 1 row of $100, 1/2 row of $500, and 1/2 row of $1000

Is the inlay a sticker or printed on the chips?

It’s printed or a very very well put sticker but I believe it’s printed.

Hi. The pictures show the 300 size and the 500 size in the same container. How does that work, are the chips smaller?

Dear customer, we have different cases for poker set with 300 chips and 500 chips. The cases are in different sizes while poker chips are the same size.

Is this product suitable for a gift?

I think it is good gift choice. Thanksgivings day, Christmas, Birthday or other festival. You can give it to your Dad, Mom, Husband,Wife, Kids... It must be great !!!

What’s the diameter of these poker chips?

1.5 inches

What material are the chips made of? Clay or plastic?

I believe it is a hard plastic. They feel very similar to the clay poker. Hips at the casino though because of their weight. It is a very nice set.

Does it feels good?

These chips feels good and have good weight.

Is the case sturdy and easy to carry?

Yes, the case is sturdy and very easy to carry.

Very sturdy and durable. You can carry this set to everywhere you want.

Can I buy a chip expansion? I need more reds

I don't know about this. Look on Amazon

What color are the chips?

200pcs poker set include 50 Red chips,50 Blue chips,50 Green chips,and 50 Black chips.

How about the quality of this set?

Great. It’s complete set with great value. Would highly recommend.

Does each chip weight?


Would like to know if the center of the chip is a sticker ? I see some answers to this question say the center is not a sticker, and some yes some no

I'm not sure how it is affixed to the chip but I will say I have not had any issues with peeling or separation from the chip.

yes it is a very well made sticker that is offset in the center of the chip. i have had no issue with it getting scratched or fading or peeling.

Do we have an option to buy pack of 10?

Hello, We sell these in packs of 25 wrapped.

Are those chips magnetic (steel core)?

I believe they are clay

How thick is the chip exactly? I am actually using them as a decorative pieces on a coffee table to be covered in resin. Wondering how thick it will n

It is 40mm diameter and 3.3mm thickness. Thanks!

And we can make as per your required size if you order more than 1000pack(1 pack = 50pcs) at one time!

The product dimensions sya that the chips are 3.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches so I'm confused. What is the diameter of one chip?

39mm, which is 1-17/32 inches

Are they good for shuffling - do they have a more rounded or flatter edge?

They are round and edges are like a nickel’s edge. I used them for decorations on a card box. They have a little weight to them and look real.

If these are in rolls of 25, can I break up into 2 denominations? I don't need 50 of each, I only need 25 of each.

Unfortunately the 50 pack cannot be broken into 2 different denominations.

I'd like to order these da vinci monte carlo chips in denominations of $100, $500, $1,000 and $5,000. do you have any of these denominations for sale?

All are available. I have bought each of the ones listed and the quality is fantastic!

Can I order 75 chips of a certain denomination? Example $5

Unfortunately the chips cannot be split. Each box contains 50 of the same denomination.

Do these chips come in an acrylic holder?

No, they come in a small box with 25 chips wrapped in plastic on each side. Packaged well, but only for transportation.

What are the dimensions (width & thichness) of each chip?

The card suited chip has a width of 40mm and a thickness of 3.35mm.

Is there an equal number of each color chip?

Yes, there are 25 blue, 25 red, 25 green, and 25 black chips.

What material are the chips made of?

The chips are made from a clay composite. They are the same size as a casino chip. Also, these chips are heavier and more durable/stronger than a casino chip.

Do the dice striped come with the chip value on them? I know in the picture they don't but the other two options do. I'd prefer if they didn't.

The dice striped option chips do not have any denominations on them and are blank chips.

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