Folding Magnetic International Chess Set

Folding Magnetic International Chess Set

Chess Games High Quality Folding Chess Board Portable Chess Set Custom

Magnetic Chess Set Children Chess Sets Chess Game Chess Set



Market Price:$20

Product Origin:China

Color:one color

Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:10

Product Weight:1.05kg

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a foldable chess set, its size is 360*185*45mm, the weight is about 1050g, and it is made of plastic. The foldable design makes it easy to store. When you are done using it, you only need to close the chessboard, and then put the black and white chess pieces in the middle of the board to store them.

The folding design also makes the chess very portable. When you need to carry it out or use it with your friends, the space it occupies is only the size of a chessboard, and the chess pieces will not occupy your place additionally. Therefore, you can pack more things with less space.

The magnetic chess pieces of this chess are still magnetic. Its chess pieces are made of plastic, but there is a magnet embedded in the bottom of each chess piece. Once the chess pieces are in contact with the board, the magnets are attracted to the metal layer on the board. Such a design can prevent chess pieces from shifting due to rubbing of sleeves or other items during the game.


Q: Can I customize?

A: Yes, we are customizable. You can design the patterns and colors on the board, and you can change the color and shape of the pieces, and even the size of the board and pieces. These are all parts that can be personalized, and the price of customization is also determined according to the specific part you want to customize. If you are interested in customization, please contact us in time.


Q: What are your shipping methods?

A: We have a variety of transportation methods, including sea, air, and rail transportation. We also support postal parcels and various express delivery. You can choose the logistics method you want according to your own budget and the services of various delivery methods in your own country, so that you can receive your purchased products faster.



Suitable for many occasions

Environmental protection and durable



Chip Specification:

Name Folding Chess
Material custom
Color One color
Size 360*185*45 MM
Weight 1.05kg
MOQ 10 set



We support the wholesale price , if you would like more ,please feel free to contact us and will get  the best price.

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