30mm portable travel mahjong set target

30mm portable travel mahjong set target

Square Mahjong Traditional Chinese Version Game Mini Mahjong Set Portable 144 Tiles Acrylic Material


Product Origin:China

Color:3 colors

Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:2

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a small-sized portable mahjong tile. The size of each mahjong tile is only 30*22mm. Compared with regular-sized chips, its size is about 10 chips smaller, and its weight is also much smaller, so it is more Portable and easy to carry, very suitable for outdoor use.

mahjong sets target In addition to the advantages of size and weight, we also have a dedicated canvas bag, which is a carry-on bag with a handle, which is convenient to use. It is also equipped with a table mat, which makes the whole mahjong set more adaptable and can be used in It can also be used in different occasions, and the table mat can also reduce the noise generated by playing mahjong, making the game process more quiet.

We also have the same small size mahjong set, it is a different style, the packaging is also different, it is a foldable mahjong tabletop, mahjong can be stored in the middle of the tabletop, it is more portable and can adapt to more environments, even in On the ground, poker games can also be played using the included table top.

And there are still different sizes to choose from, where you can choose the size and color you want to buy. Each mahjong has a delicate hand feel and clear lettering, which is very convenient to carry when going out. And it is also waterproof. If the mahjong is stained with stains, you can easily wash it off with water and some detergent. This feature can greatly increase the durability of the mahjong set.

We also accept customized service, which requires a certain minimum order quantity, but you can customize your own logo and logo on it, and you can also choose the color and style you want.

We have our own factory, the more quantity you buy, the cheaper the price will be. If you want to buy large quantities, you can tell us the quantity you want, and we will give you the factory price.


Potable for traveling, dormitory entertainment, and more fun in free time

Many colors are available

Smooth touch, compact and portable

Support multiple mahjong games

Brand Jiayi
Name Protable Mahjong
Size 30*22mm
Weight About 2.7kg
Color 3 colors
included 144 tiles Chinese Mahjong


majiang yingwen带桌 majiang-yingwen带桌_01 majiang-yingwen带桌_02 majiang-yingwen带桌_03 majiang-yingwen带桌_04 majiang-yingwen带桌_05

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