Thick Aluminum Casino Texas Poker Chips Suitcase

Thick Aluminum Casino Texas Poker Chips Suitcase

Thick Aluminum Casino Texas Poker Chips Case Suitcase Black Jack Poker Container Case Box Playing Card Dice Toolbox Silver



Product Origin:China

Color:1 color

Goods Stock:99999

Product Weight:2.4

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This thick aluminum box is made of selected materials with thickened design and simple and atmospheric appearance design. 80% of the body is made of light rust proof metal, with fine protective shell around it to prevent bumps and scratches.

We have boxes of different sizes,  200, 300, 400 and 500 chips respectively, which can fully meet your needs for storing existing chips. The inside of the Poker Chips Suitcase is divided into three parts. In addition to the corresponding number of chips on the edge of the two parts, the middle part can also put two pairs of cards, some dice and blind betting buttons.

The thickened design is more durable and textured than the basic one. If you need to use your chips outdoors frequently, the thickened version will be a better choice for you, which will bring you a better gaming experience and carrying experience.


Q:Can the cover of the chip box be opened and placed flat?

A:No, the cover of the chip box can only be opened to an angle of more than 90 degrees. It cannot be completely opened and will be placed flat. The back of the cover has a control cover opening hinge, which is not adjustable. If too much effort is used, it will be damaged.

Q:What are their respective dimensions and weights?

A:The size of the 200pcs chip box is 30 * 20.5 * 11.5cm, 1.45kg each. The size of 300pcs chip box is 39 * 20.5 * 11.5cm, 1.75kg each. The size of 400pcs chip box is 48.5 * 20.5 * 11.5CM, and each chip box is 2.1kg. The size of the 500pcs chip box is 27 * 20.5 * 11.5CM, 2.4 kg each.

Q:How is it packed and mailed?

A:It dampens the foam on the two cards of the chip box, then puts the chip box into the carton, and finally transports according to the transportation mode you want, waiting for the logistics to be delivered to you.

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