Black And White Dealer Button

Black And White Dealer Button

Two-side casino dealer with big size. White and balck for change.Table Game Table Top Playing Cards Double-Sided Black and White Button


Product Origin:China

Color:1 color

Goods Stock:99999

Product Weight:100

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This dealer button is made of black and white acrylic on both sides. The word Dealer is engraved in the middle of the two sides. One side is black on a white background and the other side is white on a black background. The black and white combination looks very textured.

This dealer button measures 76x20mm and weighs 100 grams. The circumference of the disc is equipped with 2 black ribbon rubber radial lines, the purpose of this line is to prevent the player from being cut by the button, and to make it more textured, it is a casino-level dealer button.

The double-sided two-color design can be well adapted to different poker game backgrounds. When the poker table or poker table mat used in the poker game is dark, then the dealer chip can be turned up with the white background, conversely, when it is a light table, it can be flipped to the black background face to use. In this way, you don’t need to spend extra time looking for the position of the dealer’s code, you can find its position at a glance.


Q:Why do you need a dealer button?

A:Dealer is the role of the dealer in Texas Hold’em, but in some informal offline games, there may not be a specific dealer or all want to participate in the game. In the case of insufficient numbers, the dealer button is required to mark.

Q:How does the dealer button work?

A:The use of Dealer is also very simple, he only needs to pass the dealer code according to the dealer’s rotation, so that the rest of the players can confirm who the dealer is at any time. On the other hand, in Texas Hold’em, position is very important, and with it, everyone can take turns being the dealer.


  • Acrylic thick double-side design
  • Black rubber rings on both sides for protection
  • Engraving technique make it good looking
  • Black and white color for different game


Brand Jiayi
Name Black and White Dealer Button
Color balck and white
Weight 100 gram
size 76x20mm


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