clay poker chips with denominations

clay poker chips with denominations

Factory Supply Customized Colorful Poker Chip Custom Poker Chips with Custom Logo High Quality Poker Gambling Chip

Product Origin:China

Color:14 colors

Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:10

Product Weight:14g

Lead Time:10-25days

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There are a total of 14 denominations of crown chips, and each denomination has a different color, which is convenient for players to quickly identify the denomination corresponding to each color. It is a common chip with the words Monte Carlo printed on it. The sticker of the chip is white, and only the words Monte Carlo Club in black and the face value represented by this piece of chip are printed.

Such a simple design can make this chip more applicable. It can be used as a family poker game, a tool for children’s education or a chip for poker competitions. Such high applicability makes this style of buying groups very wide. , each country and various purposes, have the possibility to buy.


Q: What is the customization process like?

A: The customization process is very simple. If you have a complete design drawing, you can give it to us directly, and we will let the designer help you prepare the rendering on the chip; if you do not have a design drawing, you need to let us know what you want For the design you want, we will make the first version of the design according to your requirements for your confirmation, and we will give you the rendering after confirmation.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?

A: About custom chip stickers. Our MOQ is 1000pcs, and the cost of customization is $300. You can customize any pattern you like, and our stickers have a waterproof membrane, which will protect the chips to a certain extent. So if you accidentally get a stain on your chip, it needs to be removed in time, because the stain can be corrosive and may destroy the waterproof membrane of the sticker.

Q: Can I customize an exclusive mold?

A: Of course, we provide customized mold service. You can tell us the style you want, and we will help you make renderings. If you want to copy the style of the original chip, then you can send us a sample, so that we can achieve a higher degree of reproduction. After the mold is produced, we can provide you with the service of taking photos or sending samples so that you can confirm the mold.


  • Crown Counter: High quality frosted material, which is strong and durable.
  • Clear and delicate sticker customization
  • The edges are smooth and delicate without burr



Brand Jiayi
Name Monte Carlo Poker Chip
Material Clay composite with inner metal
Face Value 10 kinds of denomination
Size 40 MM x 3.3 MM
Weight 14g/pcs

We also support customize poker chip , pls contact us for detail information if you are intersted in it.

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