14g clay poker chips iron chips

14g clay poker chips iron chips

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14g clay chip, its size is 40*3.3mm, the size of the middle sticker part is 23mm. If you need to customize, your customized size is about 18mm. This is because the printing and cutting of stickers are done by machines, but the placement is done manually, so there will be slight deviations. The step of sticking stickers can only be done manually, so there will be a small part of the possible position with a slight deviation, which will not affect the use.

Customized chips can also add additional anti-counterfeiting effects. It can be UV anti-counterfeiting or chip anti-counterfeiting, which can meet your anti-counterfeiting needs and make your chips unique and cannot be stolen. Even if someone wants to forge, it needs to go through tedious attempts to ensure safety.

Customization also allows you to freely choose the face value of the chips and the color corresponding to each face value, so that you can customize a complete set of chips, and a whole set of chips, whether it is face value, color, or even design, will also be your own. If you like it, you will be completely satisfied.

Clay chips are made of high-quality clay material, so the chips produced are bright in color and have no harm to the human body. So it’s also very durable, and the surface is also smooth textured, not inferior and rough textured.

The pattern of the chip is made of wheat ears and crown materials, with a simple design, so it has high adaptability and can support most customized styles.

There are a total of 14 colors of this chip, corresponding to 14 denominations, which are suitable for the usage habits of most countries and players.


  • Crown Wheat Spike Counter: High quality frosted material, which is strong and durable.
  • Light texture: The chips are thin and light, weighing only 14g for convenience.
  • Built-in iron: Built-in iron sheet, die-casting molding, more durable
  • Not afraid of dirt


Brand Jiayi
Name Clay Poker Chip
Material Clay composite with inner metal
Color 14 kinds of color
Size 40 MM x 3.3 MM
Weight 14g/pcs

We also support customize poker chip , pls contact us for detail information if you are intersted in it.


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