Vintage Chinoiserie Poker Set

Vintage Chinoiserie Poker Set

The new national tide playing card set plastic material waterproof playing cards are suitable for different scenes



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Product Weight:130

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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Introducing our newest product, the Vintage Fashion Poker Plum Chrysanthemum Orchid Bamboo Poker! This set features a unique design that combines a classic floral pattern with a modern twist, making it the perfect addition to any game room or poker night.

These cards are not only elegant and functional, but also easy to handle. Each Deck includes 54 cards  and Each card measures 88*58mm , a standard size that makes it easy to shuffle and deal. With smooth borders, you can easily stack cards and see how they complement each other.


The design of the cards depicts classical Chinese flower art, giving them a unique look that stands out from other cards. Beautifully illustrated patterns of orchids, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms are printed in vibrant colors to add a touch of elegance to each card. The bamboo graphic on the back of the card further adds to the beautiful design, making it the perfect collectible.


Whether you’re a professional poker player or someone who just likes the casual game, the Vintage Fashion Playing Cards Plum Chrysanthemum Orchid Bamboo Playing Cards are a must-have. From Texas Hold’em to Blackjack, these decks are suitable for a variety of card games and provide hours of fun.


In conclusion, the Vintage Fashion Playing Cards Plum Blossom Chrysanthemum Orchid Bamboo Playing Cards are unique, elegant, functional and durable. With its waterproof and bend-resistant properties, it’s perfect for playing indoors or out. what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a set of Vintage Fashion Playing Cards Plum Blossom Chrysanthemum Orchid Bamboo Playing Cards and impress your friends with your style and skill!



  • Made of 100% PVC  plastic. Three layers of imported PVC plastic.Thick , flexible, and quick rebound.
  • Durable and non-fuzz.



Brand Jiayi
Name retro trendy poker
Size 58*88mm
Weight 130gram
Color 2 colors
included 54pcs Poker Card in a deck

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