spot clay custom poker chip set

spot clay custom poker chip set

Poker Chip Set Blackjack Gambling with Carrying Case Cards Buttons and Dice Style Casino Chips Portable Chip Set


Market Price:$0.4/pcs

Product Origin:China

Color:14 colors

Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:10

Product Weight:10

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a portable chip set, which is very convenient for players to take out and use. It has an aluminum box, and the basic tools required for poker games are all equipped. You only need a complete set, and you can play with your friends Let’s go have a good game time together. It is also very suitable as a gift for friends.

The chip box is made of aluminum, with a partition for poker and chips inside, and the upper cover part is also equipped with anti-collision foam, which can well protect the safety of the chips and prevent it from being damaged. It can ensure that the goods you buy can be delivered to your hands in full.

The chips included in the clay chip set are sold separately. Moreover, the face value in the set can be selected at will, please explain to us after placing the order. If you buy it, but do not specify the face value you want, then we will ship it to you according to the face value of our standard set, it The face value of is usually the face value displayed throughout our set.

So, if you want your chip set to be filled with a specific denomination, then be sure to let us know what you want before we ship, lest you be unhappy with a package waiting patiently for shipping.

It is a convenient set for going out, even if you are alone, you can easily transport it. When you’re done using it, you can still pack it into the case and take it home with ease. You can store your chips with the chip box, it can play a very good role in dustproof for you, so that your chip chips will not be covered with dust.


  • Delicate touch and fine workmanship
  • Various Colors
  • Durable
  • Easy to carry, high-end atmosphere


Material Clay composite with inner metal
Denomination 14 kinds of Denomination
Size 40 MM x 3.3 MM
Weight 14g/pcs
Payment terms T/T, Paypal,Western union,etc

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