Portable silent mahjong mat

Portable silent mahjong mat

Chinese mahjong rubber table mat, non-slip table mat. Gaming Table Mats for Home Casinos

Product Origin:China

Color:4 colors

Goods Stock:99999

Product Weight:1000

Lead Time:10-25days

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The size of this mahjong table mat is 75*75cm, and the weight is only about 1 kg, which is very portable. It is made of nylon material and has a non-slip design at the bottom, which allows it to firmly grip the tabletop during use and prevent slipping.

The printing on the portable mahjong mat is very clear, will not fade, and feels very comfortable to the touch. Putting it on when playing mahjong can reduce the noise generated by the collision between mahjong and the table, provide you with a good entertainment environment, and reduce the impact on others.

The pattern on the surface of the table mat is composed of very simple square patterns, and the words of the four directions of east, west, south, north are also printed on it. This Chinese style design makes it look very special. It can be used in many ways. It can be used only as a game mat when playing games. In daily life, it can also be laid on the ground and used in conjunction with other games.

In addition, you can also purchase samples first to confirm whether our products and production processes are of the quality you want. After confirmation, we can carry out customized services.

You can design your own logo and desired pattern on it. According to your description or design drawing, our designers will make a design rendering, which will be produced in large quantities after your confirmation. The production time needs to be determined according to the quantity and the order quantity at that time. .

When you need to customize, its color choice, we can design according to your preferences, not just the same color as the stock. Its size can also be changed according to your customized needs, so don’t worry that it will be too big or too small compared with your table.



  • environmental-friendly material
  • Specially selected material, feel comfortable
  • Literally clear, does not fade


Brand Jiayi
Name mahjong rubber table mat
Material Rubber
Color 4 kinds of color
Weight 1kg/pcs
size about 75*75cm

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