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Our company Shenzhen Jiayi Entertainment co., LTD., founded in July,2013, plant area of 6120square meters, is a professional design, production and sales all kinds of entertainment products include assorted poker chip,accesseries,playing cards,poker table,etc.
Our possessing high class printing equipment 、 advanced glazed technology and top qualified technicians,we can design and produce gift poker or advertisement pokers as per your requirement.These products are mainly exported to US,Europe,Korea, ect.

Poker Chips Set Leather Box
Regarding chip sets, we have many different materials and different styles. Chips are made of three materials: abs, ceramic and clay. Ceramic materials are more expensive than others, and there are no restrictions on customization. All kinds of pattern designs can be done. Abs and clay are not customizable on the edge, but the stickers in the middle can be customized. Any restrictions, but also anti-counterfeiting.
Chip boxes are also divided into three different materials, namely aluminum, leather and acrylic materials. Compared with aluminum boxes and acrylic materials, the price of leather is a bit more expensive, which is due to the value of the raw materials themselves. Its size depends on the number of chips you have, the higher the number, the bigger the box. Our website sells 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 1000 size suits.
In addition to the different number of chips purchased according to your needs, the chip set will also give you a large and small stack and a dealer. In addition, it will also come with two cards of poker and five dice.
Chip suits can also freely choose the denomination or color. Some buyers don’t need face value chips, so you can choose your favorite among the existing colors and have it appear in your suit in the form you like. On the face value, you can also choose according to the face value you want, if you can’t choose, you don’t have to worry. Because the fixed face value matching in our set is relatively common and has strong applicability, it can meet your daily poker game needs.

Poker Chips Set Leather Box Poker Chip Leather Box 5

Post time: Sep-06-2022
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