Poker Enthusiast Neymar Wins Huge Prize.

As we all know, Neymar likes to play Texas Hold’em very much. Not long ago,
he got a new tattoo on his hand. The Brazilian star actually got a pair of A’s tattooed. It can be seen that Neymar is a poker fanatic in his spare time. In May, Neymar took part in the European Poker Tour and finished 29th out of 74 players, although it was already a good result. But Neymar was not satisfied. After going to Miami, he still participated in other poker tournaments one after another, hoping to get better results.


        Not long ago, Neymar participated in the extreme tournament again, but was eliminated in the first round because of his poker style. This time, he was at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). In the Super Turbo Championship, Neymar played quite well, and the format of the game is also conducive to the Brazilian’s brave style of play. The stakes in the game are increased every 20 minutes, and if a player is eliminated, he can get $300. Bonuses, so it’s going to be a very fast game, and while Neymar isn’t for the bonus, his performance is impressive.


        It is reported that during the game, Neymar’s chips were ranked in the top 10 at one point, and he even had a chance to hit the championship at that time, but Neymar finally chose to go all-in and eventually lost all his chips. Even so, the star who played for Paris still finished 49th in the competition with a total of 2,227 participants and won more than 4,000 US dollars in prize money. This is the first time Neymar has cashed at the World Series of Poker, making his own history. It is also one of the few stars who can enjoy it and win honors in the field that they like.

Post time: Jun-24-2022
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