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Thank you for your browsing and support of our website in the past year, I hope we have provided you with a good customer experience, and you are also satisfied with our services.

Founded in 2013, our company is a company focusing on sports and entertainment products. We have our own factory, mainly producing chips, poker, poker tables and various accessories. We have many customers in the United States, Mexico, Malaysia and Europe, with competitive prices and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services.

So, you can choose us and trust that we will provide you with the goods and quality you want. We can also provide you with factory prices, so that you can buy very beautiful and cheap products.

The purpose of this news is to remind our fans and customers of our recent and future work arrangements, in case customers’ orders are affected due to our holiday.

Due to the approaching Spring Festival and the impact of COVID-19 on us, the factory holiday is expected to be from January 10th to February 15th. During the factory holiday, customized orders can only accept appointments and order production after resumption of work, and cannot immediately Production. Moreover, during this period, we only sell spot orders, and the time to stop selling spot goods is determined by the operation of domestic express delivery, and detailed information will be notified separately.

If you need customized services, from today to before the holiday, if you need to customize, please tell us the quantity, design and other requirements you need, we will first estimate whether the order can be completed according to the logistics situation and the factory’s order situation, if not Complete, we will inform you in advance, and confirm whether to continue this order according to your needs.

If you decide to continue this order, you can prepay a part of the deposit first, and we will continue to arrange the production for you. The unfinished part will be completed for you after the resumption of work, and the balance payment should be paid before delivery, so that the goods can be delivered according to the agreed logistics method. transportation.


Post time: Dec-27-2022
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