Factory status

In order to allow customers to experience better services and have more choices, we have developed many new models and have recently updated them to our website. If you are interested in these new products, then you can come to our website to choose. I believe there will be a style you like.

These new varieties include chips, pokers and some casino accessories. Regarding accessories and chips, we have selected some products that are more novel in design or more high-end. They have upgraded their appearance and texture while ensuring quality, just to provide players with a better experience.


In order to achieve higher quality, we also need to spend more cost, so the pricing is also higher than the previous style. But as before, most products are subject to customized services. If necessary, please contact us so that we can give you more feedback. And, as a factory, the more you order, the cheaper the price will be, so if you want to buy in large quantities, then we will give you a discount so that you can buy our products at a more favorable price.

In addition, our previous styles have received a lot of praise after being widely introduced into the market, and we have received many repurchase applications. On the other hand, China’s traditional festival “Spring Festival” is less than three months away. During this limited time, many customers need to prepare large quantities of goods to prevent out-of-stock situations. Therefore, these two reasons lead to out-of-stock situations, and the timeliness of customization and production also has a certain impact.


The occurrence of this situation also causes the logistics goods to accumulate to a certain extent. There are not enough flights or ship slots, and warehouses need to be arranged. Many logistics companies are also secretly increasing prices, slowly increasing transportation costs.

Therefore, placing a stocking order in the near future will not only ensure that your business will not be out of stock, but also reduce the cost you spend on goods and logistics, and gain more profits. Therefore, now is the best time to place your order and it is very cost-effective.

Post time: Nov-17-2023
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