Hexagon Manual Dice Cup

Hexagon Manual Dice Cup

Dice Cup Set With 6 Plastic Multi-Sided Dice, Thickened Dice Cup. Nightclub KTV Supplies Customization


Product Origin:China

Color:24 colors

Min Order:10

Product Weight:200

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is an entertainment dice cup setthickened dice cup, diamond design. The plastic material is waterproof, washable, safe and durable. It can be used for friends gathering, ktv, bar games to add fun. A dice cup gives 6 dice, and you can customize your exclusive LOGO.

The curved design of the dice cup is more in line with the gripping habits, and it is more difficult to slip off. Creative sawtooth design cup mouth, increase friction. Hexagonal straight edge base, easier to place in reverse.

Dice are traditional Chinese folk gadgets. They were used as small props in table games during the Warring States Period. The most common dice are the six-sided dice of a cube, each of which has one to six holes, and the sum of the two opposite sides is seven.

The more common way to play dice is to compare points. Its gameplay is that each person takes a dice cup, puts five dice in it, and can see their own points after rolling. If it is a straight from one to five or two to six, it will be re-rolled. In this way of playing, one can represent one, or it can represent any other point. For example, if the number you roll is one, one, three, five, and six, then you can call two ones or three threes, three fives, and three sixes in your own dice game, but this game At least two people are needed, then you should just guess what your opponent has shaken.

The key to winning a dice game is that both the number of points and the number of points need to be less than or equal to the actual number of points and numbers of all players. For example, if you call five fives, as long as you and your opponent have five fives, or six fives, you win.

The rule of shouting is that you need one more point or one more number than your upper player. For example, if you shout three fives, then your next player can only shout three six or four arbitrary numbers.

In addition, you can also call the number you don’t have, and when the opponent adds five or more, you can open the opponent, so you can also win.This is also the origin of the name of the game called Bragging.




  • Plastic is Waterproof
  • Environmentally
  • For a Variety Of Entertainment Venues
  • Double thickening, Durable and Anti-drop


Brand Jiayi
Name Hexagonal dice cup
Color As Picture
Material Plastic
Size 7.5*10cm

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