crystal casino high-end poker card chip

crystal casino high-end poker card chip

7g casino chips Acrylic material Bronzing chip high-end light luxury series, can be customized

Product Origin:China

Color:13 colors

Goods Stock:99999

Min Order:10

Product Weight:7-35g

Lead Time:10-25days

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There are four sizes of this crystal chips. The small round ones correspond to denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. The weight of each chip is 7g, and the size is 46*4mm. The denominations corresponding to the large round size are 200, 500, 1000, the weight is 10g per piece, and the size is 50*4mm. The small size of the square is 5000 and 10000 denominations, the size is 68*48*4, and the weight is 15g. The face value of the large square size is 20000, 50000 and 100000, the size is 81*58*4, and the weight is 22g.

The design of this style is larger in size and lighter in weight. This unique design is more convenient to take and use during poker games, and can provide players with a better gaming experience. And there is a bronzing texture on the surface of the chip, which looks very simple and atmospheric.

Crystal Bronzing Chips has a total of 13 denominations, you can choose according to the color or denomination you want, reducing the possibility of it being idle after purchase.

Compared with chips made of clay and abs, although crystal material chips cost more, they can provide more personalized services. Instead of being partially customizable like clay and ABS materials, it is fully customizable. It is the same as the ceramic material, but the pattern and logo are limited, but the difference from the ceramic material chip is that its finished product has a smooth surface instead of a frosted material. So when your needs are different, it will be another option for you.

This style has a design that includes large denominations and small denominations. You can choose all the denominations you want on the whole set, so that it can be applied to more situations and scenarios. Even if you want to use it for competitions, it is also feasible. Don’t worry about not having large denominations available. Improved usability of the entire suit.






  • More than 10 years experience on OEM custom service
  • 20 years in material weaving
  • More than 3000 sample for all over the world customers
  • Good quality and service
  • Competitive price and Brand standards
  • Delivery date guarantee



Brand Jiayi
Name crystal chips
Material crystal
Color 13 kinds of color
Size 45 MM x 4 MM
Weight 8g/pcs

We also support customize poker chip , pls contact us for detail information if you are intersted in it.

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