Clay chips exclusive custom link

Clay chips exclusive custom link

Clay material custom chips, OEM stickers, professional casino chips, 1000 MOQ factory price custom chips


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Product Origin:China


Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:1000

Product Weight:14

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a link that can be used to customize chips, it is applicable to any style of chips sold on our website, you can choose any style you like for custom service. It can be the sticker part of custom abs and clay texture chips, and all the parts of ceramic and metal.

The customization of ABS and clay materials has certain restrictions, and its pattern is unlimited. You can design according to your ideas and needs, but the size of the pattern has certain restrictions, which need to be slightly smaller than the size of the sticker part, and on the sticker The margins need to leave some margin.

This is because the stickers are printed and cut by machines, and pasted manually, so some errors may occur. At the same time, in order to increase customer satisfaction, rules and restrictions are set for the design and customization of stickers.

There is also no limit to the customization of ceramic chips, you can choose any pattern you want. But the same thing is, the edge cannot, and some spacing should be left between the pattern and the edge of the chips to reduce the possible errors that may occur when workers produce.

There is no limit to the customization of metal chips, so you can design any pattern and style you want on it. And it can also be multi-colored, and it can also be textured on both sides and sides, which makes it feel better and makes it easier to take metal chips.

The mold of the chip is also customizable, if you don’t like our existing style, then you can send us the sample you like, or you can customize a new mold. In this way, you can get a custom chip that will completely satisfy you.




Suitable for many occasions

Environmental protection and durable



Chip Specification:

Name custom Poker Chip
Material custom
Color multicolor


Size 39 MM x 3.3 MM
Weight 14g/pcs
MOQ 1000pcs/Lot



We support the wholesale price , if you would like more ,please feel free to contact us and will get  the best price.

We also support customize poker chip , but the price will be more expensive than normal poker chips.


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